The method

It isn’t always easy to eat healthy. To begin with, how can we know what’s healthy when everyone has a different say on what we should eat? But even when we know what we should do—eat more vegetables, drink more water, don’t eat candy—it can be hard to follow through. We want… Read More

How it works

Cravings Master is a nutrition method designed to help you identify which foods are uniquely right for you and help you change your habits. There are no diet plans. Instead, you’re taught how to determine, for yourself, what’s good for you and then modify your behavior so you can stick to it. Read More

How it’s different

To see how Cravings Master is different from other nutrition methods, let’s look at 8 common pitfalls in nutrition and how this method helps you steer clear of them. Popular nutrition has a lot of advice about how to eat and how to stop bad habits–advice that may appear helpful… Read More

My story

I’ve always been fascinated by success. So in college, I decided a career in business would be a good fit. I did quite well in my first job as a business advisor, and I could see my dreams coming true. But the more success I had, the more stressed and… Read More