I’ve always been fascinated by success. So in college, I decided a career in business would be a good fit.

I did quite well in my first job as a business advisor, and I could see my dreams coming true. But the more success I had, the more stressed and drained I became.

As I burned out, the idea of success stopped enchanting me, and I realized it didn’t matter without happiness. I started to wonder how to be both happy and successful at the same time.

Then, unexpectedly, my mother passed away when she was only 65 years old, which opened my eyes to the shortness and fragility of life. I woke up to the importance of health and prevention, and to the importance of doing what brings us joy and purpose in the short time we have.

Professional success was still important to me, but it was no longer an option at the expense of health and happiness. I knew I needed a new direction. So I decided to change careers and pursue my passion for cooking and nutrition, which could support my new goal to be happy as well as healthy.

I packed up, left Michigan and moved to New York City to start my education. I went to a health-based culinary school called the Natural Gourmet Institute, where I studied nutrition and became a holistic chef. I then went to the Academy of Healing Nutrition to become a certified nutrition counselor. I learned about conventional nutrition, as well as alternative forms of nutrition, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

The possibilities of nutrition fascinated me. I devoured books and read as many articles and reports as I could from a wide variety of sources. I learned how food influences almost everything about us physically and mentally. Diet wasn’t simply about losing weight. It was about healing and optimizing our total body-mind-spirit. I was ecstatic to discover we weren’t limited by DNA, but had the power to improve whatever we wanted about ourselves through nutrition.

I was especially enchanted by nutrition’s ability to enhance brain function because it could help me achieve my pursuit of both happiness and success. With nutrition, I became mentally sharper, which helped me perform better with work and increased my chances for success. It also helped elevate my mood, which made me happier than I’d ever been.

With these remarkable discoveries, I felt inspired and enthusiastic to share my knowledge.

But as I began counseling, I hit a few giant hurdles:

  • Those I worked with were often confused about how to eat, mainly because of the tremendous amount of conflicting information in nutrition. Even for myself, the more I researched, the more confused I became because every new argument for how we should eat contradicted the one before.
  • They often didn’t know how to self-assess to determine the nutrition right for them. Without a sense of internal decision-making, they either followed nutrition advice blindly or rebelled against it.
  • And they generally didn’t know how to change their eating patterns and follow through with good nutrition advice. Nutrition advice, no matter how helpful or accurate, didn’t matter if people were unwilling or unable to follow it.

I wanted to teach people how to sort through all the information and become more self-aware so they could identify which foods were uniquely right for them. I also wanted to figure out how to help people change habits and incorporate nutrition into their day-to-day lives, which was as much for my clients as it was for me, because I had always had difficulty with quantity control.

Even though I wanted to teach these lessons, I didn’t know how. I couldn’t find a nutrition system that fully addressed each of these problems with practical solutions. So I took it upon myself to create one.

I spent years searching to find the errors in our conventional thinking that led to the common problems we have in nutrition today. I had to question everything I was taught about food, nutrition and health.

As I started to see where our thinking was mistaken, the solutions became clear. And over time, a very different way of eating began to emerge in my mind. A new nutrition method was born, which I called Cravings Master.

While I once was interested in business success, now I’m interested in helping others find success in their health and in their relationships with food.

I ask myself: How can nutrition help each person be happier and more successful in life? And how can we end the struggle with cravings and gain a sense of control with food?

My method offers answers to these questions, but not as you’d expect. It offers a totally different way of looking at nutrition, which so many of us want and need because we’re fed up with so many failed diets.

I love this work and feel a powerful calling to share insights that fill others with clarity and self-confidence. I love to share the discoveries that have transformed my life in ways I could have never dreamed possible. And I can’t wait to see how they can transform yours.

All the best,