In this blog, I share with you highlights from the Cravings Master method, which include the tips, techniques and perspectives I’ve found most transformative to free ourselves from the bind of not knowing what to eat or how to change our behavior.

Each article should only take a few minutes to read, but the topics can be pretty deep. So take your time and reflect. As you read, consider how you feel about what I say and how it applies in your life.

What’s your nutrition vision?

Let’s take a look at the vision of yourself you’d like to come true with the help of nutrition. It may feel like a hassle to go within, reflect on what you want and clarify your aims. But spending a bit of time to gain this clarity goes a long… Read More

Maybe we don’t want what we think we want

There are many reasons we don’t achieve a goal in nutrition. One of the main reasons: we don’t actually want it—or at least we don’t want it in the way we think we do. In other words, we invest time, money and hope in a goal we don’t genuinely want. Read More

What it means to be a Cravings Master

As I developed Cravings Master, I thought a great deal about what it meant to reach self-mastery in nutrition and become a master of food choice. I saw that the dictionary defined “self-mastery” as “self-control.” But this definition didn’t sit right with me. Then, I started to think about two… Read More