How to make food choices: Find answers within

Now let’s look at how to solve our challenges in nutrition, starting with the first challenge: How do we determine what’s good for us? We’ll look at how to answer this question and the common mentalities that might prevent us from seeing the answer. One of the main misconceptions in… Read More

How to deal with cravings: View them as useful and good

Knowing what to eat and developing internal authority requires that we become more sensitive to our bodies and skillful in interpreting its signals, including food cravings. Nature gave us food cravings to help us identify what we should eat. But sometimes our cravings get mixed up and we crave what… Read More

How to change behavior: Change how we crave

We’ve talked about how to identify what’s healthy for us by using internal authority. Now let’s talk about behavior change and answering the second question: How do we do what we know is healthy for us? In nutrition, we focus a great deal on behavior. But we typically don’t look… Read More

How to regulate cravings: Embrace the paradox of change

We’ve been talking about how to regulate our cravings by resolving their underlying causes. Now I want to talk about one of the most problematic causes: a mentality of nonacceptance. It’s the mentality that says we have to change because we aren’t good enough. We’re defective. We’re inadequate. We won’t… Read More