To quote Einstein, “We can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that created it.”

So the first step to solve our challenges in nutrition is to root out the ways of thinking that bring unwanted outcomes and find those that deliver the outcomes we want.

The foundation of nutrition isn’t in what we do, but in how we think. With a stronger, healthier mental foundation, our nutrition efforts become far more effective, and it’s much easier to follow healthy behavior. So we shouldn’t focus so much on changing our behaviors but on changing what motivates those behaviors: our thinking.

The foundation of nutrition isn’t in following what other people tell us without question. It isn’t in feeling guilty and ashamed for the way we eat, judging ourselves or others as bad or wrong. Following a healthy lifestyle isn’t about upholding an image of how we should or shouldn’t behave.

Nutrition is here to support us and give us the possibility for a better life, which we can choose to take advantage of if we want.

A healthy foundation in nutrition is created by self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love. We build self-awareness through greater self-observation and becoming more sensitive toward our bodies. We build self-acceptance by letting go of what we’ve been taught about how we’re supposed to act, and to accept what’s right for us as individuals. We build self-love by honoring ourselves and appreciating ourselves for who we are.

We form a healthy foundation by tapping into and trusting in ourselves and our inner guidance. And by embracing love. The more we love ourselves, the more we want to take good care of ourselves. The more we love nutrition, the more we want to eat nutritiously.

Many of the mentalities that disrupt our foundation–mentalities that undermine self-awareness and self-love–are below conscious awareness. So we have to work to uncover these hidden, counterproductive beliefs, which takes time and persistence but is well worth the effort.

I created Cravings Master to help us identify and release these mindsets that keep us stuck in unhealthy eating patterns and cravings.

I give solutions by giving a different way of thinking about the 2 challenges of knowing what to eat and then being able to follow through.

In the next 4 articles on becoming a Cravings Master, we’ll talk more about the solutions to our challenges in nutrition and how to shift into a stronger, more effective perspective to create an enjoyable, fruitful relationship with food and our bodies.

In these articles, I’ll summarize the beliefs and mentalities that encourage success in nutrition:

Even though it might feel impossible to overcome our struggles with food, it can be done. We can master our cravings.

The solution I offer is simple and straightforward. But it won’t always be easy. It takes time and persistence to fix the cracks in our foundation and transform how we’ve been conditioned to view nutrition, which requires us to challenge our deepest-held beliefs about how we’re supposed to eat. It requires a complete shift in perspective.

So let’s start talking about a healthier view toward nutrition.

But first, take a moment to reflect on what we’ve talked about so far. Does anything strike a chord within you? Can you relate with any of the mistaken beliefs we’ve talked about? What do you think are the solutions to our challenges in nutrition?

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