Nutrition assessments

In a customized nutrition assessment, you’ll get precise and practical guidance on your body’s unique needs. You’ll learn how to read your body’s signals and reduce your cravings. Start with a low-cost initial assessment. Then move on to in-depth assessments: Nutrition & Cravings and Human Design & Intuition. In the Jump Start… Read More

Nutrition counseling

In counseling, you’ll be trained one-on-one in the Cravings Master method, focusing on the areas you want to work on. I’ll share with you the knowledge and techniques I’ve found most transformative, helping you realize your vision in the most efficient and natural way possible. If you’re struggling with eating… Read More

Human Design

If you enjoy Cravings Master, then let me tell you about Human Design because Cravings Master wouldn’t exist without it. A large part of my nutrition philosophy has been inspired by Human Design philosophy, which teaches us how to be ourselves and live by inner guidance. Read More

Why get counseling?

Even though it seems easy, changing how we eat can be quite difficult. It seems that it should be easy to just stop putting food in our mouths and follow a plan. But it isn’t. As we underestimate this challenge, we may overlook the value of being supported by a… Read More

Jump Start Program

If you’re serious about taking your nutrition to the next level, the Cravings Master Jump Start Program is perfect for you. Meeting once a week, you’ll get nutrition assessments and counseling to help you learn about healthy eating, change your habits and master your cravings. This program is ideal if you… Read More