If you enjoy Cravings Master, then let me tell you about Human Design because Cravings Master wouldn’t exist without it.

A large part of my nutrition philosophy has been inspired by Human Design philosophy, which teaches us how to be ourselves and live by inner guidance.

Human Design is a groundbreaking system that gives highly individualized guidance on how you can take better care of yourself.

It explains how we’re each uniquely designed, including our innate talents, abilities and contributions. You can see how you’re specifically designed to think, feel and act and what makes you different from everyone else in mind, body and life purpose. Human Design helps us become more self-aware, form a personalized strategy for success and live out our potential, which leads to a life of satisfaction, sweetness, peace and delight.

It shows you how to make decisions based on intuition and inner guidance, emphasizing how each person’s inner guidance operates uniquely. For example, some people are designed to follow their in-the-moment instinctual impulses, whereas others should avoid impulsivity and wait until they feel a sense of full-body clarity. Human Design can tell you which one you are!

Human Design also reveals the potential weak spots in your cravings mechanism and where you might crave what isn’t good for you. For example, some people are more prone to crave stimulants, such as coffee or sugar.

I was introduced to Human Design in 2012 and was so impressed that I decided to become a professional analyst. Through learning about Human Design, I’ve discovered stunning insights into myself and into human nature. No other system has helped me understand so much about how to live my life.

It helped me center into myself and connect to my body’s guidance, which reduced cravings significantly and made overeating nearly impossible. I shed everything that wasn’t me, including 15 pounds. Even though I’ve struggled with weight my entire life, once I lost psychological weight through the help of Human Design, the physical weight became easy to lose.

I absolutely love sharing Human Design knowledge to help others live healthier, more self-confident lives. I love seeing people light up with life-changing realizations that give them a sense of clarity and hope they can’t find anywhere else.

Here’s what one client said:

I have been learning about Human Design for years and have read a lot online about it. I wasn’t sure what I would learn from Andréa’s analysis because I felt pretty knowledgeable already, but it blew my mind. Things that she told me have helped me so much. The way I approach situations with clients has changed. With friends and family, too, which is great. I re-read my analysis often to remind myself of how to move forward to get the best results. Everything in there is spot on.

Get a Human Design Assessment

A Human Design Assessment is an excellent companion to other nutrition services because it offers tremendous insight into how we’re each designed make decisions, including eating decisions. With the self-awareness provided by Human Design, we can resolve unhealthy cravings and turn weak spots into strengths.

In an assessment, you’ll find out how your intuition works uniquely and how to interpret it, including how your body guides you toward the foods you should eat. You’ll also find out where you’re prone to make eating mistake and crave unhealthy foods.

I give a basic analysis of your design, focusing on how to make eating decisions and how to avoid the eating mistakes you’re susceptible to. You get answers to these questions about yourself:

  • How do I choose what to eat?
  • What would be healthy habits for me?
  • How does my body communicate to me?
  • How does my intuition work?
  • Why do I crave the way I do?
  • How do I know if I should follow a craving?
  • How can I crave what’s good for me?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to food and self-care?
  • Where am I prone to make mistakes and go off track?

In an advanced analysis, you get deeper insights into your design:

  • Your unique gifts, talents and strengths.
  • Your best strategy for making life decisions.
  • How your intuition and inner guidance operate.
  • Your life purpose and life path.
  • Where you’re prone to get thrown off track and lose touch with yourself.
  • How you connect with other people and how to improve your relationships.

A Human Design assessment is 2 sessions. Each session is one hour. We meet online.

Similar to astrology, your Human Design chart is determined by where and when you were born. So you only need to provide your date, time and place of birth.

If you’re curious to learn more about this awesome system and how it can transform and uplift your life, go to the official website jovianarchive.com.

Or you can get in touch with me.

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