If you’re serious about taking your nutrition to the next level and becoming a Cravings Master, the Jump Start Program is perfect for you.

You’ll get counseling and a nutrition plan to help you learn about healthy eating, change your habits and master your cravings.

This program is ideal if you struggle with food and what to end that struggle. Or if you want one-on-one training to become a Cravings Master.

In the Jump Start Program, we work to solve the 2 greatest challenges in nutrition so know what’s good for you and can follow through. There are two tracks:

  • Track 1: What should I eat?
  • Track 2: How do I change my habits?

Start with the Nutrition & Cravings Assessment. Then choose Track 1 or 2. Each track is 9 sessions.

In Track 1 you’ll:

  • Learn more about your nutrition needs and how to reach your goals
  • Learn how to listen to your body and sharpen your intuition
  • Find out what’s causing your cravings and how to stop them
  • Get a Human Design assessment
  • Build a nutrition plan that’s perfect for you

Next, go to Track 2 where you work on being able to follow the plan we created in Track 1.

I recommend taking Track 1 then 2. But if you only want to focus on habit change and feel comfortable in your nutrition knowledge, then just take Track 2.

In Track 2 you’ll:

  • Learn strategies to help you change habits, manage cravings and reach your goals
  • Remove mental blocks that keep you stuck in bad habits
  • Develop mindsets that support positive change, such as self-love

Once you’re done with Tracks 1 and 2, keep going with weekly counseling to build your knowledge and skill.

Each track is 9 sessions, done within 3 months. Sessions are once per week for one hour. We meet online.

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