If you’re serious about taking your nutrition to the next level, the Cravings Master Jump Start Program is perfect for you.

We meet weekly for 3 to 6 months. You’ll get nutrition assessments and counseling to help you learn about healthy eating, change your habits and master your cravings.

This program is ideal if you struggle with eating behavior and what to end that struggle. Or if you want to be trained in the Cravings Master method.

In the Jump Start Program, there are 2 phases. Phase 1 is 12 sessions where you’ll:

  • Find out your unique nutrition needs.
  • Discover the causes of your unhealthy cravings.
  • Receive a customized nutrition plan.
  • Get guidance on how to reach your health and fitness goals.
  • Learn effective behavior change techniques.
  • Learn how to sharpen your intuition and body awareness.

Next, move to Phase 2 if you need help with changing your habits and following your nutrition plan. For 6 to 12 sessions, we focus on removing the obstacles that keep you from eating healthy and achieving your goals.

We go through powerful processes to help you:

  • Reduce unhealthy cravings and urges to stress eat.
  • Follow through with the actions you know are good for you.
  • Regulate your cravings so you crave what’s good for you.
  • Remove the mental blocks that keep you stuck in bad habits.
  • Create a mindset that supports healthy choices.

Sessions are once per week for 60 – 75 minutes. We meet online.

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