In a customized nutrition assessment, you’ll get precise and practical guidance on your body’s unique needs. You’ll learn how to read your body and reduce your cravings.

Start with a Free Jump Start Session. Then get a personalized assessment: Nutrition & Cravings and Human Design & Intuition.

The Jump Start Program includes each assessment.

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Free Jump Start Session

Want to learn more about Cravings Master? Set up a free 45-minute Jump Start Session to learn how this method can help. You’ll get some useful tips, find out if nutrition counseling is right for you and get guidance on your next steps to becoming a Cravings Master.

This session is 45 minutes. We meet online.

Nutrition & Cravings Assessment

In this assessment, you’ll find out the best nutrition for you.

But you won’t get standardized advice or a complicated plan that doesn’t fit your life. I’ll give you a few major changes that will make the greatest difference in meeting your health, diet and fitness goals.

You’ll also learn about what’s causing your cravings and how to adjust your nutrition and health habits to reduce them.

We cover this assessment in 2 sessions. Each session is one hour. We meet online.

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Human Design & Intuition Assessment

Human Design is a groundbreaking system that gives highly individualized guidance on how you can take better care of yourself.

It shows you how to make decisions based on intuition and inner guidance, emphasizing how each person’s inner guidance operates uniquely. For example, some people are designed to follow their in-the-moment instinctual impulses, whereas others should avoid impulsivity and wait until they feel a sense of full-body clarity. Human Design can tell you which one you are!

Human Design also reveals the potential weak spots in your cravings mechanism and where you might crave what isn’t good for you. For example, some people are more prone to crave stimulants, such as coffee or sugar.

In this assessment, you’ll find out how your intuition works uniquely and how to interpret it, including how your body guides you toward the foods you should eat. You’ll also find out where you’re prone to make eating mistake and crave unhealthy foods.

We cover this assessment in 2 sessions. Each session is one hour. We meet online.

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