I want to share with you a classic trick to keep you from that nasty habit you can’t stop yourself from doing, such as snacking mindlessly when you aren’t hungry.

All you do is put a rubber band around your wrist.

When you find yourself heading to the fridge to get something to eat, even though you know you don’t need it, lightly snap your wrist with the rubber band. This should immediately stop your desire and change your action.

You use the rubber band to snap yourself out of it. Literally! You give yourself a little jolt to stop your unhealthy impulse and remind yourself of what’s important to you.

Make sure the rubber band is loose enough so it’s comfortable but tight enough so you can snap it gently.

And make sure you snap it with a light-hearted, self-loving spirit.

This is not self-harm. Do not inflict pain. And do not be or self-critical or self-hating as you do it.

If you do this over a long period of time, it can help change your habits permanently so eventually you won’t need the rubber band.

Let me know how it works for you!


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