To find the right food for you, you have to connect with your body and intuition. But what do you do when your feelings are telling you to make bad choices? Maybe you tried intuitive eating but ended up overeating and gaining weight. What went wrong? What stopped you from being able to connect with your intuition and interpret it correctly?

The answer: Not being centered.

There’s one thing required for your intuition to work properly: You must be centered. You have to be calm in your mind and present in your body to access your body’s intelligence. If you aren’t centered, then you can’t plug into your body and find its real needs. Your intuitive senses will be unreliable, and you won’t be able to find answers within.

This happens most often when we’re very emotional or afraid, which can really throw us off center and lead to wrong perceptions, distorted instincts and unhealthy impulses. So how do you know if you’re centered and making food choices from a centered, reliable place?

What does it means to be centered?

We tend to think that being centered is a personality trait or state of mind, but I see it as a physiological state. Being centered is the way you physically carry your body, which significantly influences your mind and personality.

When you’re centered, the energy within you is evenly distributed throughout your whole body, with most of it in your chest. In other words, your energy isn’t all in your head, creating a busy mind, but also in your body. You’re embodied and mentally calm, as you rest in your heart center.

Right now, notice how your active mind is generating a lot of energy in your head. Pull that energy down into your chest and abdomen. Notice how this physical adjustment changes your psychology. Notice how it quiets your thoughts, making you more present, relaxed and empowered. From this place, you can feel clear and in control.

However, society has trained us to carry our energy in our heads, making us very off-center and disconnected from our bodies. So let’s do a quick exercise to help you move the energy into your body and get centered. I recommend doing this every day to master your cravings.

A quick exercise to get centered

Choose a time when you won’t be interrupted for at least 2 minutes. You can stand up or sit down, but make sure your back is straight. I find this doesn’t work as well lying down.

  1. Close your eyes and imagine a ball of light the size of a basketball sitting on top of your head. Choose any color that feels soothing you, such as white, golden or blue. Feel the slight pressure of this ball on top of your head. Count to 10.
  2. Leave 10% of the ball on top of your head and move the rest to the center of your head. Count to 10. Notice the slight pressure you feel inside your head. Maybe your thoughts and imagination become more active.
  3. Leave 10% of the ball in your head and move it to your throat. Count to 10.
  4. Leave 10% of the ball in your throat and move it to the center of your chest. Count to 10. Notice how it expands your chest and deepens your breath.
  5. Leave 10% of the ball in your chest and move it to your upper abdomen. Count to 10. Notice how each point in your upper body carries a bit of light.
  6. Leave 10% of the ball in the center of your abdomen and move it to your lower abdomen. Count to 10.
  7. Leave 10% of the ball in your lower abdomen and move it to the base of your spine. Count to 10. Notice how grounded you feel, maybe even a bit heavy.
  8. Leave 10% of the ball in the base of your spine and move the rest of it up your spine, back into your chest. Count to 10 and scan your body. Notice how each point, from head to spine, holds light, with 40% centered in your chest. Notice how harmonized and balanced you feel.
  9. Beam the light in your chest outward in all directions for 10 counts or for as long as it feels wonderful to do so.

Make a mental note of how you feel so you can recall this state whenever. Compare how you feel now versus before. Notice how quickly you shifted in mind, body and spirit just with a simple exercise. Notice how you feel more evenly balanced throughout your body, with the greatest power held in your heart. Have any of your mentalities or emotions changed? Have any physical or emotional discomforts gone away?

You’re officially centered!

Doesn’t it feel fantastic? And it only took 2 minutes.

When you’re centered, you should feel relaxed in mind and body, yet also alive and alert. You should feel peaceful and loving, yet also empowered and strong. You should feel confident, clear and directed, as anxiety, confusion and discontent fade away.

If you don’t notice much change, then keep practicing. The more you practice, the easier and more impactful this exercise will get, and the faster you’ll be able to center.

I recommend you spend at least 10 seconds on each point, feeling the light soothing and rejuvenating it, but you can spend a bit longer if it feels good to do so. Or, you can spend a second on each point whenever you want to re-center quickly.

I like to do this centering practice right when I wake up, which creates a wonderful start to the day and helps me get out of bed feeling wonderful and ready. Then I do few quick centerings throughout the day to keep me aligned. Whenever I center, I choose a color of light feels good to me at that time.

Often times, the words “grounded” and “centered” are used interchangeably. I feel grounded when more energy is in my lower abdomen and spine, instead of in my chest. Both are okay, as long as you’re in your body.

This exercise will be hugely beneficial, as well as easy, pleasurable and rewarding. However, you may feel some uncomfortable emotion as the light activates emotions that are stored in different parts of your body. Take this is a good sign. The light is literally signing light on your unresolved feelings, which allows you to recognize and release them. The light isn’t causing the bad feeling but is helping you heal it. If difficult emotion comes up, imagine the light healing the source of it. But if it’s too intense, then do this exercise with a mental health counselor who can help you process and work through whatever comes up.

Sometimes I feel anger when the light is in my upper abdomen or vulnerability when it’s in my throat. But once I reach the last step of shining the light from my heart, all negative emotion subsides as feelings of love and contentment take over. It’s quite beautiful and shows me how I want to be as a person.

Train yourself to stay here

To get all the awesome benefits, like making better food choices, do this quick exercise every day.

It will help uplift your day, and bring a personal transformation when you do it consistently over time because you’ll get used to distributing the energy throughout your body and mind differently. You’ll be able to stay in a centered state more permanently. But you may have to practice it quite a bit, especially if you have a strong habit of disconnecting from your body.

Simply put, to be able to tune into what you need to eat, and for your intuition to work properly, you have to be centered physically, which allows you to be centered mentally and emotionally. So this exercise, or one similar, is an essential part of your mastery training because it’s the physiology of a Cravings Master.


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